Monday, October 6, 2014

5 Tips For Picking Automobile Insurance

Which automobile insurance company is right for you?   

Whether bringing a car accident claim or just trying to understand costs, coverage and exclusions, avoiding the stinkers will make an enormous difference in both what you are able to recover and how you are treated. 

However, because Pennsylvania Insurance Department's website lists hundreds of insurers, choosing the best carrier can be challenging.  

In selecting an insurance company the main points to consider are stability, service, comfort, licensing and cost.  

1. Stability 

Insurance is purchased for financial protection and to provide peace of mind.   

Research insurance companies to determine if the insurer is stable, financially sound, and likely to be around for the duration.   

Remember, because they are paid commissions by the insurance companies, insurance agents and brokers are often conflicted and unable to provide you fair and unbiased information.  

2. Service 

Your insurance company and its representatives should be able to answer your questions and handle your claims swiftly, efficiently and fairly.   

Talking to other customers who have used a particular company or agent is an excellent way of determining what level of service is being provided.  Further, in addition to state insurance departments, many national claims databases exist listing and indexing complaint information for particular a insurance company and service relative to the number of policies it sold.   

3. Comfort 

Whether purchasing insurance from a local agent or directly from the company over the phone or the Internet, you must be comfortable both with the insurance you purchased and ease and responsiveness of communication with the insurer.   

Make sure that the agent or company will be easy to reach if you have a question or need to file a claim.   Consider whether you prefer a company that has agents you can visit locally or how quickly and satisfactorily it responds to information requests. 

4. Licensing 

For your state insurance department to regulate your carrier and resolve any problem you may have, a prospective insurance company must be licensed to operate in your state.   

Contact the state insurance department ( to determine which companies are licensed in your state. 

5. Cost

 Because insurance policies' coverage and prices vary greatly, shopping around is critical.  

Get at least three (3) price quotes from companies, agents and from the Internet.  

Further, your state insurance department may publish a guide listing what insurers charge for different policies in various parts of your state.

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