Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What To Do After an Auto Accident

1. Stop Immediately

Stay calm and avoid blocking traffic. As soon as possible (and without endangering other people or obstructing traffic), pull over to the side of the road. No matter how slight the collision, never leave the scene of an involving you or your car.

2. Make Sure No One is Injured

Provide care to any injured driver or passenger, including obtaining medical attention as soon as possible. Contact 911 or any other ambulance service to receive medical treatment. Do not assume that lack of an obvious injury means no one is hurt.

3. Contact The Police

All auto accidents should be reported to the authorities. Not only will the report assist any injury or property damage claim, it will also be helpful if the other driver tries to avoid responsibility.

4. Sign Nothing

If an insurance adjuster shows up at the accident, give no statements and sign nothing.

5. Gather Information

In addition to obtaining the name, address, phone number and insurance information of all drivers and passengers, get all witnesses names, addresses, and phone numbers. Make a mental note of what witnesses say, such as, "that black car was flying."

6. Visit Your Doctor

Even if unsure whether you - - or anyone else in your vehicle - - was injured, go to the emergency room and be examined by a doctor at the earliest possible time. When you are being examined, be specific in explaining how the accident occurred and all injuries and problems you sustained.

7. Inform Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company immediately to report the accident. Failing to immediately report the accident may result in the insurance company failing to pay related medical and car repair bills.

8. Contact Schain Law Firm Immediately

Before signing any statements, consult a lawyer specializing in helping those injured in auto accidents. The Schain Law Firm is dedicated to helping the injured obtain the money they deserved.